Foundation Repair

Magnum Steel Push Piering System

magnum steel piering

In certain geographic locations around the country, foundation failure is more common due to the fact that the soils vary greatly in their inclination to change because of their moisture content, the effects of the freeze-thaw cycles, and inadequate or improper drainage.  Camden Foundation Technologies employs a Magnum Piering Steel Push Piering System for foundation repair too prevent settlement even in soils that are poorly suited to support structures.  Foundation repair is one of the most cost effective ways to resolve your foundation failure problem and increase the value of your home. 

    crack in brick under window                stair-step crack in block wall                stair-step crack in brick    

What is Steel Push Piering and how does it work?


The steel push piering system is used to stabilize and/or raise the foundation of your home or business while preventing further vertical settlement.


After excavating, with minimal mess, to expose the structure/s foundation, a heavy duty bracket is attached to the foundation as close to the wall as possible.  Then high-strength steel tubing is hydraulically pushed through a sleeve in the bracket into the soil down to bedrock or load-bearing strata.  Once installed, the column of steel tubing becomes the new permanent foundation for the structure.  When the affected area of the foundation is repositioned and/or stabilized, the pier is then locked permanently to the bracket.

         slab jacks lifting floor                            plate brackets on wall


On the majority of foundation stabilization projects, windows and doors that used to stick will once again work normally.  Cracks in walls will become repairable, and furniture will sit level again.


You will also have peace of mind knowing your foundation stabilization is protected by our heavy-duty steel product components and our guaranteed load testing installation procedure.  Also, Camden Foundation Technologies stands behind its products by offering an unconditional warranty against manufacturing workmanship defects or defects in the materials. 


column stabilized by jacks


 Technical Information


The Steel Push Piering system is generically referred to in the industry as a resistance pier, friction pier, or steel underpinning system.  The system uses a series of hydraulic rams to push consecutive 3 foot long sections of high-strength steel tubing into the ground to refusal or load-bearing strata.  Structures are stabilized and/or lifted once all sections are installed to the proper depth at each of the required pier locations.  After stabilization or lifting is achieved, the steel piers are permanently attached to heavy duty steel brackets that have been previously mounted to the structure’s foundation footing.