New Foundations

Camden Foundation Technologies offers a variety of deep foundation services to preclude vertical settlement, depending on site aesthetics, type of construction, soil characteristics, and design requirements.

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With more than 50 years of construction experience Camden Foundation Technologies has garnered extensive knowledge from working with all different types of construction projects, materials, and soil conditions.  


Camden Foundation Technologies has many different types of deep foundation systems to suit your diverse applications.  We specialize in pile driving using steel-shell piling, wood piling, H-beam piling, helix piling, and sheeting.


Driven piling are installed to accommodate compression, tension or lateral loads.  Piling can be selected to meet the specific needs of your site conditions or budget.  Our piles are installed to an established criterion; and because they are normally driven to a blow count to assure the desired minimum capacity, pile lengths may vary when subsoil conditions are not uniform. 


Camden Foundascan0041.jpgtion Technologies equipment and installation methods are time-tested and well proven.  We record the blow count versus the depth during pile driving ensuring that at the completion of driving we have eliminated all contingencies and have a reliable cost effective product that can accommodate a wide variety of situations.

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When encountering jobsites with restrictive access or environmentally sensitive conditions Camden Foundation Technologies the benefits of helical piling make it the preferred system to utilize.  The installation equipment for helical piling is small, easily maneuverable and does not create vibrations. 


Helix foundations are an economical deep foundation alternative to wood and steel shell driven piles or concrete caissons.  They are also a sensible and often more reliable alternative to shallow footings and reinforced mat foundations.  Hot dipped galvanized is standard on all helix foundation products, providing the highest degree of corrosion protection possible from a coating process.  This coating allows helical piling to last more than 100 years in soils with moderate-to-high corrosive levels. 



On most projects
, helical piling can be installed quicker than traditional concrete caissons, or steel shell and wood piling.  They can be installed in any kind of weather and are not subject to delay from groundwater and caving soil.  The speed of installation alone often results in significant cost savings in comparison to any other foundation type.