Historical Bridges

Bridge Construction and Repair

Our roots run deep in bridge construction and repair. We take a special interest in maintaining and restoring historical bridges. Camden Construction has the capability to completely disassemble a variety of iron and steel truss type bridges. We have the experience and skill to conduct the work with a high degree of historical accuracy, and once restoration is complete we then reassemble the bridge. Camden Construction has restored bridges all across Indiana.

Anderson, Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana
Yorktown, Indiana

Preserving the Past is an Investment in the Future

No project is too big or too small. Need a bridge for a bike path, nature trail, or golf course? Instead of spending money on a nondescript pre-fabricated truss bridge, consider instead reusing a historical bridge. Not only will the bridge become a statement piece, but it also acts as a beautiful historic landmark; while also promoting the values of sustainability.

Camden Construction has bridges in their stockyard that are available for purchasing for your bridge needs. Contact Camden Construction to see if we have the right fit for you.

Delaware County, Indiana
Delphi, Indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rebuilding Today to Save for Tomorrow

Step onto the grounds of Europe and Asia and you will be overwhelmed with historical bridges still standing and many times still in operation. With the United States still being a fairly young country, we need to start finding ways to preserve our historical bridges. Historical bridges give us physical examples of the progress and the development of engineering, architecture, art, and technology. And, unlike written texts or photographs, historic bridges are living history – direct, tangible links to different periods in time. That’s where Camden Construction comes in. Let us help save the architectural achievements of the past for the future generations to enjoy.

Hendricks County, Indiana
Huntington, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Portland, Indiana
Strawtown, Indiana
Warsaw, Indiana